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The Freedom of Information act makes Indiana public records and criminal proceedings viewable, but they can be difficult to find due to various record custodians (keepers) and organizational differences between counties and states.

To streamline this process, Records Page offers step-by-step guides that makes finding someone’s criminal history as easy as following and clicking along.

By the end of this guide, searchers will have the tools, skills and knowledge to can gain insight into anyone’s past and understand how to:

  • Check for recent arrests and mugshots in Indiana
  • Determine why someone was arrested in IN and post bail
  • See anyone’s criminal history, obtain copies, and seal and expunge criminal records in Indiana
  • Check if someone has a warrant, or is on probation or parole in Indiana
  • Run an Indiana background check for personal or professional reasons
  • Locate someone in an Indiana state prison or federal prison
  • Find and review Indiana laws surrounding criminal records and anti-discrimination

Are Criminal Records & Arrest Records Available To the Public in Indiana?

When searching Indiana criminal records, knowing the public records laws in the state helps narrow down what the searcher can access and what they cannot. According to the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, Code 5-14-3, all criminal records or arrest records are considered public except for the following:

  • Records that fall under protection of state or federal laws,
  • Law enforcement investigatory reports,
  • Juvenile records, and
  • Information pertaining to victims or witnesses.1

This same statute applies when searching arrest records in Indiana as well, since these are part of the overall criminal record and considered public domain.

Federal records that are generated by government agencies operating within Indiana, such as the Federal Bureau of Prisons, are governed by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which makes federal criminal records public.2

Disclosure of records must be in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations and guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding criminal records and arrest records when used for commercial purposes.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a federal law regulating the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer credit information, the image provides guidelines for credit reporting agencies, creditors, and consumers in terms of accuracy, fairness, and privacy of credit information.
Source: Federal Trade Commission11

The amount of information received is also dependent upon the type of record and the agency that generated the record.

The Difference Between Criminal Records vs Arrest Records in Indiana & What Shows Up on Each

Many people refer to arrest records and criminal records as if they are the same; however, there are distinct differences between the two. An arrest record in Indiana contains the name of the subject, the date/time/location the person was arrested, charges that resulted in the arrest, and may contain a mugshot database and bond information. An arrest record is one of the first documents generated in a criminal case, but it does not tell the entire story.

A criminal record is a more comprehensive record of the charges filed against the subject, arrests, and court information or disposition. This includes when charges are dropped or dismissed, an acquittal has occurred, or when the person is found guilty. Criminal records also include sentencing information such as probation, incarceration or parole records.3

An arrest record should not be the only information used when making a decision regarding employment, licensure or housing since an arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction. When making official decisions based on criminal history, searchers should use official state resources to gather information.

How To Search Indiana Arrest Records, Find Recent Arrests & Determine Why Someone Is in Jail for Free

Searching local arrest records is how to find recent arrests at area detention centers, which are typically maintained by a local law enforcement agency, and these facilities can be county-wide or regional, covering many counties.

Hamilton County Inmate Lookup website displaying a search form where users can enter an inmate's name, booking number, or global subject number to access information about their charges, booking date, and housing facility.
Source: Hamilton County, IN12

It is best to start with the local sheriff’s office as most jails are maintained by the county government, not city, and is the quickest way how to find out if someone is in jail. The following sections go into detail about how to search county and city law enforcement agencies to find recent arrest records or detainees.

Check County Arrest Records, Mugshots and Inmate Lookup Tools in Indiana

To find Indiana arrest records, start with the local police department or county sheriff’s office. Where the arrest occurred is an important factor in where the person will be jailed. For convenience, the table below lists all the county sheriff’s offices in Indiana along with a link to each department and a phone number for those sites that do not include an inmate search link and is how to find out what someone was arrested for:

County Inmate Search Phone Number Shows Mugshots?
Adams County Sheriff’s Office* 260-724-5345 X
Allen County Sheriff’s Office* 260-449-7535 X
Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office* 812-379-1740 X
Benton County Sheriff’s Office* 765-884-0080 X
Blackford County Sheriff’s Office* 765-348-0930 X
Boone County Sheriff’s Office 765-483-5782
Brown County Sheriff’s Office* 812-988-6655 X
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office* 765-564-2413 Extension 2 X
Cass County Sheriff’s Office* 574-753-7800 X
Clark County Sheriff’s Office* 812-283-4471 X
Clay County Sheriff’s Office 812-446-2535
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office* 765-659-6333 X
Crawford County Sheriff’s Office 812-338-2802
Daviess County Sheriff’s Office* 812-254-5974 X
Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office 812-537-8700
Decatur County Sheriff’s Office* 812-222-4911 X
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office* 260-925-3365 X
Delaware County Sheriff’s Office 765-747-7870 X
Dubois County Sheriff’s Office 812-482-3522
Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office 574-891-2100 X
Fayette County Sheriff’s Office* 765-825-1110 X
Floyd County Sheriff’s Office* 812-948-5406 X
Fountain County Sheriff’s Office* 765-793-3545 X
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office 765-647-4138 X
Fulton County Sheriff’s Office 574-223-2819 X
Gibson County Sheriff’s Office* 812-385-3496 X
Grant County Sheriff’s Office 765-662-9836
Greene County Sheriff’s Office* 812-384-4411 X
Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office 317-773-1872
Hancock County Sheriff’s Office 317-477-1158
Harrison County Sheriff’s Office* 812-738-2195 X
Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office 317-745-6269
Henry County Sheriff’s Office* 765-529-5201 X
Howard County Sheriff’s Office 765-457-1105
Huntington County Sheriff’s Office* 260-356-2520 X
Jackson County Sheriff’s Office 812-358-1982
Jasper County Sheriff’s Office* 219-866-7344 X
Jay County Sheriff’s Office* 260-726-7541 X
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office 812-265-2649
Jennings County Sheriff’s Office 812-346-8642
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office 317-346-4716 X
Knox County Sheriff’s Office 812-882-7660
Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office 574-267-5667
LaGrange County Sheriff’s Office* 260-463-7491 X
Lake County Sheriff’s Office* 219-755-3400 X
LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office 219-362-6548
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office* 812-277-2014 X
Madison County Sheriff’s Office 765-646-9285
Marion County Sheriff’s Office 317-327-1700 X
Marshall County Sheriff’s Office 574-936-3187
Martin County Sheriff’s Office 812-247-3726 X
Miami County Sheriff’s Office* 765-472-1322 X
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office* 812-349-2750 X
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office 765-362-3740
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office 765-342-4303 X
Newton County Sheriff’s Office* 219-474-3999 X
Noble County Sheriff’s Office* 260-636-6404 X
Ohio County Sheriff’s Office* 812-438-3636 X
Orange County Sheriff’s Office* 812-723-2417 X
Owen County Sheriff’s Office* 812-829-5757 X
Park County Sheriff’s Office 765-569-5413
Perry County Sheriff’s Office 812-547-2441
Pike County Sheriff’s Office* 812-354-1149 X
Porter County Sheriff’s Office 219-477-3050
Posey County Sheriff’s Office* 812-838-1321 X
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office 574-946-6655
Putnam County Sheriff’s Office 765-653-3211
Randolph County Sheriff’s Office 765-584-1721
Ripley County Sheriff’s Office 812-689-3437 X
Rush County Sheriff’s Office* 765-932-2931 X
St Joseph County Police Department 574-245-6518
Scott County Sheriff’s Office 812-752-8400
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office* 317-392-6345 X
Spencer County Sheriff’s Office* 812-649-2286 X
Starke County Sheriff’s Office 574-772-3771
Steuben County Sheriff’s Office* 260-668-1000 X
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office 812-268-4308
Switzerland County Sheriff’s Office* 812-427-2057
Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office 765-423-9388 X
Tipton County Sheriff’s Office* 765-675-7004 X
Union County Sheriff’s Office* 765-458-5194 X
Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office 812-421-6200
Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office* 765-492-3838 X
Vigo County Sheriff’s Office 812-462-3226
Wabash County Sheriff’s Office* 260-563-8891 X
Warren County Sheriff’s Office* 765-764-4367 X
Warrick County Sheriff’s Office* 812-897-6096 X
Washington County Sheriff’s Office 812-883-5999
Wayne County Sheriff’s Office* 765-973-9393 X
Wells County Sheriff’s Office* 260-824-3426 X
White County Sheriff’s Office* 574-583-2251 X
Whitley County Sheriff’s Office* 260-244-7119 X

*Sheriff’s Office uses VINELink for inmate searches

A screenshot from the Knox County sheriff website showing the jail tracker page with a search bar and a list of inmates.
Source: Knox County Indiana13

The steps below can also be used to find out who’s in jail:

  1. Google Indiana [county sheriff’s office] inmate search. For example, if someone wanted to find an inmate in Knox County they would Google Indiana Knox County Sheriff’s Office inmate search.
  2. Review the list of search returns to find the official agency website. Unlike most government agencies, sheriff’s office websites do not necessarily end in .gov. Make sure the site entered is the official webpage. For the example above, the search would take them to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office homepage at the top of the search results.
  3. Look on the page for a button labeled inmate search, inmate lookup, recent arrests, daily arrests or something similar. Knox County does make its inmate list public, and it can be reached by clicking the hyperlink for inmate information.
  4. If an online link is not available on the website, call the non-emergency number listed on the page to inquire about an inmate.

Check Recent Arrests of Indiana City Jails

City or municipal police departments can also have their own holding facilities; however, police departments in Indiana rely on the county holding facilities to house inmates arrested by city police departments. If someone is unsure of how to find out if someone was arrested by city police, they can do the following:

  1. Google Indiana [city police department] inmate search.
  2. Review the top 2 to 4 search results to find the official municipal law enforcement website and click that link.
  3. Look for the agency non-emergency number or a link to booking to find out how to get an arrest report from that agency.
A screenshot from Indy gov website showing the inmate look up tool page with inmate database search box options.
Source: indy.gov14

For example, to search for someone arrested by the Indianapolis Police Department, the search would look like this:

  1. Google Indianapolis Police Department inmate search
  2. The first link in the search takes individuals to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office search portal.
  3. Click the button labeled get started and type in the person’s name to start the search for current arrests of that individual.
  4. Review the search results to match the results to the subject (this is especially important for subjects with a common name).

Run a Public Arrest Record Search in Indiana (Statewide Lookup)

While it is not a free, individuals can search felony and class A misdemeanor arrest records in Indiana for a fee of $15 per record by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Indiana State Police website.
  2. Review the online search portal notice, then click the button labeled start search to begin looking for arrest records.
  3. Create an account and add a payment method.
  4. After setting up the account, a name-based search can show if the person was arrested anywhere in Indiana.4

Using the Indianapolis State Police portal can save time if someone needs a statewide search, but for local searches only, it is quicker and easier to search the local sheriff’s department and is how to find out someone’s charges in jail for free rather than the paid search. Most people search jail records out of curiosity or to find out if a friend or loved one is in jail and needs to be bonded out.

Contacting an Indiana Jail Inmate and Posting Bail

One of the primary reasons a person may search local jail records is to post bond for a friend or loved one, but how does one go about doing this? The first step is locating the inmate using the steps listed above, and utilizing the table listing county sheriff’s office links.

From those same links, individuals can get information on how to contact an inmate, the jail’s visitation policies and what items an inmate can have while incarcerated. Many jails partner with third-party telephone providers that allow prepaid service to arrestees so they can reach out to someone regarding bail or other matters.

For example, if someone wanted to contact an inmate in Indiana’s largest county, Allen County, they would need to do the following to learn the Allen County Sheriff’s Office policies:

  1. Open a search engine on the computer such as Google.
  2. Type Indiana Allen County Sheriff’s Office inmate contact information.
  3. Review the search results for the official Allen County Sheriff’s Office website.5
  4. Click the link titled jail to learn about visitation, telephone contact and other important jail information.

In short, the same steps used to locate an inmate in jail can also be used to find out how to bail that person out, or how to contact them to find out if they have an attorney preference or need anything while in jail.

When conducting this type of search, it is important to note that many states have counties with the same name. Checking the contact information on the website will verify the department is located in Indiana and not another state with a county by that same name. In addition to an arrest record, many people need a complete criminal history, and information on how to complete this search appears next.

How To Search for Indiana Criminal Records

Once a matter has been investigated and processed through the local law enforcement agency, the next step is placing the matter on a docket (or seeking an indictment) by the district attorney’s office. This begins the process of building a court record which includes the initial charges, any reduced charges in plea bargains, disposition of cases, and sentencing when a person is found or pleads guilty to charges.

Indiana Courts Case Search website, featuring a search bar and various search filters to help users find information about court cases and proceedings in the state of Indiana, the website also displays a header with the website domain, and a menu with links to other resources and services provided by the judiciary.
Source: MyCase: Indiana Courts Case Search15

To search statewide Indiana criminal records through the court system, do the following steps:

  1. Open the Indiana Judicial Branch website.
  2. Select the start searching button to begin a criminal records search.
  3. Choose the first box on the next page labeled search cases.
  4. Select the name tab to do a name-based search.
  5. Enter, at minimum, the subject’s last name.
  6. Click the box beside criminal and citations to search just criminal cases, then click the search button.
  7. Match the records listed in the search results with the subject of the search.

Criminal justice information available through the state judicial system search portal includes:

  • Case number’
  • Courthouse’
  • Type of case,
  • Date filed,
  • Case status,
  • Parties in the case,
  • Charges (along with the statute number), and
  • Case summary in chronological order.6

Another way to access court records is to visit the local clerk of court’s office and use one of the public terminals made available. It is important to note, local clerk’s offices only have records of cases heard in that county, so if a local record is all that is needed, this would be an excellent source of data.

The table below lists the clerk of court’s offices in each county in Indiana along with a contact number to help individuals find Indiana criminal records:

County Court Criminal Records Search Courthouse Address Phone Number
Adams County Clerk of Court 112 South Second St, Rm A
Decatur, Indiana 46733-1618
Allen County Clerk of Court 715 S Calhoun St, Number 201
Ft Wayne, Indiana 46802
Bartholomew County Clerk of Court POB 924
Columbus, Indiana 47202-0924
Benton County Clerk of Court 706 East Fifth St
Fowler, Indiana 47944
Blackford County Clerk of Court 110 West Washington
Hartford City, Indiana 47348
Boone County Clerk of Court 212 Courthouse Sq
Lebanon, Indiana 46052
Brown County Clerk of Court 20 East Main St
Nashville, Indiana 47448
Carroll County Clerk of Court 101 West Main St
Delphi, Indiana 46923
Cass County Clerk of Court 200 Court Pk, Number 103
Logansport, Indiana 46947
Clark County Clerk of Court 501 East Court Ave
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130
Clay County Clerk of Court 609 East National Ave, Number 213
Brazil, Indiana 47834
Clinton County Clerk of Court 265 Courthouse Sq
Frankfort, Indiana 46041
Crawford County Clerk of Court 715 Judicial Plaza Dr
English, Indiana 47118
Daviess County Clerk of Court 200 East Walnut St
Washington, Indiana 47501
Dearborn County Clerk of Court 165 Mary St
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Decatur County Clerk of Court 150 Courthouse Sq, Number 244
Greensburg, Indiana 47240
DeKalb County Clerk of Court 100 South Main St
Auburn, Indiana 46706
Delaware County Clerk of Court 3100 South Tillotson Ave
Muncie, Indiana 47302
Dubois County Clerk of Court 1 Courthouse Sq
Jasper, Indiana 47546
Elkhart County Clerk of Court 101 North Main St, Number 204
Goshen, Indiana 46526
Fayette County Clerk of Court 401 North Central Ave
Connersville, Indiana 47331
Floyd County Clerk of Court 311 Hausa Sq, Number 235
New Albany, Indiana 47150
Fountain County Clerk of Court POB 183
Covington, Indiana 27932
Franklin County Clerk of Court 459 Main St
Brookville, Indiana 47012
Fulton County Clerk of Court 815 Main St
Rochester, Indiana 46975
Gibson County Clerk of Court 101 North Main St
Princeton, Indiana 47670-1562
Grant County Clerk of Court 101 East Fourth St
Marion, Indiana 46952
Greene County Clerk of Court POB 229
Bloomfield Indiana 47424
Hamilton County Clerk of Court 1 Hamilton Sq, Number 106
Noblesville, Indiana 46060
Hancock County Clerk of Court 9 E Main St, Room 213
Greenfield, Indiana46140
Harrison County Clerk of Court 300 North Capitol Avenue
Corydon, Indiana 47112
Hendricks County Clerk of Court 51 West Main Street,Number 104
Danville, Indiana 46122
Henry County Clerk of Court 1215 Race St, Ste 120
New Castle, Indiana 47362
Howard County Clerk of Court 104 North Buckeye St, Number 202
Kokomo, Indiana 46901
Huntington County Clerk of Court 201 North Jefferson St, Number 201
Huntington, Indiana 46750
Jackson County Clerk of Court 109 South Sugar St
Brownstown, Indiana 47220
Jasper County Clerk of Court 115 West Washington St, Number 204
Rensselaer, Indiana 47978
Jay County Clerk of Court 120 North Court St
Portland, Indiana 47371
Jefferson County Clerk of Court 300 E Main St, Number 203
Madison, Indiana 47250
Jennings County Clerk of Court POB 385
Vernon, Indiana 47282
Johnson County Clerk of Court 5 E Jefferson St
Franklin, Indiana 46131
Knox County Clerk of Court 111 N 7th St
Vincennes, Indiana 47951
Kosciusko County Clerk of Court 121 North Lake St
Warsaw, Indiana 46580
LaGrange County Clerk of Court 105 N Detroit Street
LaGrange, Indiana 46761
Lake County Clerk of Court 2293 North Main St
Crown Point, Indiana 46307
LaPorte County Clerk of Court 813 Lincolnway
LaPorte, Indiana 46350
Lawrence County Clerk of Court 916 Fifteenth St, Number 31
Bedford, Indiana 47421
Madison County Clerk of Court 16 East 9th St, Number 213
Anderson, Indiana 46016
Marion County Clerk of Court 675 Justice Wy
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203
Marshall County Clerk of Court 211 West Madison Street
Plymouth, Indiana 46563
Martin County Clerk of Court POB 120
Shoals, Indiana 47581
Miami County Clerk of Court 25 N Broadway, Rm 208
Peru, Indiana 46970
Monroe County Clerk of Court POB 547
Bloomington, Indiana 47402
Montgomery County Clerk of Court POB 768
Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933
Morgan County Clerk of Court POB 1556
Martinsville, Indiana 46151
Newton County Clerk of Court POB 49
Kentland, Indiana 47951
Noble County Clerk of Court 101 N Orange St
Albion, Indiana 46701
Ohio County Clerk of Court POB 185
Rising Sun, Indiana 47040
Orange County Clerk of Court One Court St
Paoli, Indiana 47454
Owen County Clerk of Court POB 146
Spencer, Indiana 47460
Park County Clerk of Court 116 W High St, Rm 204
Rockville, Indiana 47872
Perry County Clerk of Court 2219 Payne St
Tell City, Indiana 47586
Pike County Clerk of Court POB 125
Petersburg, Indiana 47567
Porter County Clerk of Court 16 Lincolnway, Number 209
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
Posey County Clerk of Court 300 Main St, Rm 115
Mt Vernon Indiana 47620
Pulaski County Clerk of Court 112 E Main St, Number 230
Winamac, Indiana 46996
Putnam County Clerk of Court 1 Courthouse Sq
Greencastle, Indiana 46135
Randolph County Clerk of Court 100 South Main St, Rm 201
Winchester, Indiana 47394
Ripley County Clerk of Court POB 177
Versailles, Indiana 47042
Rush County Clerk of Court 101 East 2nd St, Rm 209
Rushville Indiana 46173
St Joseph County Clerk of Court 100 S Main St
South Bend, Indiana 46601
Scott County Clerk of Court 1 E McClain Ave
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170
Shelby County Clerk of Court 407 S Harrison St
Shelbyville, Indiana 46176
Spencer County Clerk of Court 200 Main St
Rockport, Indiana 47635
Starke County Clerk of Court 53 E Washington St
Knoxt, Indiana 46534
Steuben County Clerk of Court 55 S Public Sq
Angola, Indiana 46703
Sullivan County Clerk of Court 100 Courthouse Sq
Sullivan, Indiana 47882
Switzerland County Clerk of Court 212 W Main St
Vevay, Indiana 47043
Tippecanoe County Clerk of Court POB 1665
Lafayette, Indiana 47901
Tipton County Clerk of Court 101 E Jefferson St
Tipton, Indiana 46072
Union County Clerk of Court 20 W Union St
Liberty, Indiana 47353
Vanderburgh County Clerk of Court POB 3356
Evansville, Indiana 47732-3356
Vermillion County Clerk of Court 255 S Main
Newport, Indiana 47966
Vigo County Clerk of Court 33 S 3rd St, Courthouse Floor 1
Terre Haute, Indiana 47807
Wabash County Clerk of Court 69 W Hill St
Wabash, Indiana 46992
Warren County Clerk of Court 125 N Monroe St, Number 11
Williamsport, Indiana 47993
Warrick County Clerk of Court 1 County Sq, Number 200
Boonville, Indiana 47601
Washington County Clerk of Court 801 South Jackson St, Ste 102
Salem Indiana 47167
Wayne County Clerk of Court 301 E Main St
Richmond, Indiana 47374-4200
Wells County Clerk of Court 102 Market St, Number 201
Bluffton, Indiana 46714
White County Clerk of Court 110 N Main St
Monticello, Indiana 47960
Whitley County Clerk of Court 101 W Van Buren St
Columbia City, Indiana 46725
Indiana State Police Criminal History Search website, featuring a search bar and various search options to help users find criminal records and background check information for individuals in the state of Indiana, the website also displays a header with the logo and name of the Indiana State Police, and a menu with links to other resources and services provided by the department.
Source: IN.gov16

The clerk of courts may also be able to help find Indiana arrest records, but this is usually something for the local sheriff’s office to provide since the sheriff’s department is open all the time and the clerk’s office has set business hours.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Obtain a Copy of Indiana Criminal Records

Sometimes a person will need to get official Indiana criminal records, which can be obtained through the Indiana State Police. To request a copy of someone’s record, do the following:

  1. Open the Indiana State Police website.
  2. Click the menu link on the homepage and select criminal history services in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Limited Criminal History Records in the middle window.
  4. Register for an account to search online by clicking the start search button, then click create new account and following the on-screen prompts.
  5. Log into the newly created account and set up a payment method
  6. Fill in the form to conduct a name-based search.
  7. Once the record populates, print it from any printer linked to the computer.
Indiana State Police Criminal History Request login page, featuring a login form with fields for username and password, the website also displays a header with the logo and name of the Indiana State Police.
Source: IN.gov17

This is a statewide Indiana criminal record and does not include a nationwide search, also called an FBI rap sheet. It does contain felony and class A misdemeanor arrests, charges, convictions, and dispositions, and these records are kept on file for until the person reaches age 99 or passes away.4

What’s the Best Way To See If Someone Is on Probation or Parole in Indiana?

When a person is charged with a criminal offense in Indiana, one option the court has is to place the individual on probation either as a diversion to prosecution or as part of the sentencing phase.

Individuals can also call the county probation office regarding inquiries about someone’s probation status. The table below lists the phone number for each county probation office, located at the courthouse (address for the courthouse is in the table above for county clerk of court data):

County Phone Number County Phone Number
Adams 260-724-5336 Lawrence 812-275-3605
Allen 260-449-7113 Madison 765-641-9546
Bartholomew 812-379-1640 Marion 317-327-4252
Benton 765-884-1236 Marshall 574-935-8560
Blackford 765-348-0720 Martin 812-247-3652
Boone 765-482-6505 Miami 765-473-9861
Brown 812-988-5505 Monroe 812-349-2645
Carroll 765-564-2460 Montgomery 765-364-6460
Cass 574-753-7834 Morgan 765-342-1082
Clark 812-285-6322 Newton 219-474-6081
Clay 812-448-9033 Noble 260-636-3116
Clinton 765-659-6355 Ohio 812-537-8876
Crawford 812-338-3033 Orange 812-723-4155
Daviess 812-254-8663 Owen 812-829-5025
Dearborn 812-537-8876 Parke 765-569-3521
Decatur 812-663-3790 Perry 812-547-8456
Dekalb 260-925-2400 Pike 812-354-8034
Delaware 765-747-7793 Porter 219-465-3420
Dubois 812-481-7075 Posey 812-838-1312
Elkhart 574-523-2203 Pulaski 574-946-6558
Fayette 765-825-2813 Putnam 765-653-3514
Floyd 812-948-5448 Randolph 765-584-5805
Fountain 765-793-3287 Ripley 812-689-6063
Franklin 765-647-5741 Rush 765-932-3748
Fulton 574-223-4345 Scott 812-752-8480
Gibson 812-385-4243 Shelby 317-392-6490
Grant 765-662-9861 Spencer 812-649-6026
Greene 812-384-8774 St Joseph 574-235-5325
Hamilton 317-776-9672 Starke 574-772-9151
Hancock 317-477-1135 Steuben 260-668-1000
Harrison 812-738-8214 Sullivan 812-268-4552
Hendricks 317-745-9264 Switzerland 812-427-4450
Henry 765-529-9174 Tippecanoe 765-423-9290
Howard 765-456-2222 Tipton 765-675-4353
Huntington 260-358-4841 Union 765-458-6961
Jackson 812-358-6138 Vanderburgh 812-435-1490
Jasper 219-866-4902 Vermillion 765-492-5385
Jay 260-726-6948 Vigo 812-462-3351
Jefferson 812-265-8929 Wabash 260-563-8466
Jennings 812-346-2720 Warren 765-762-3640
Johnson 317-736-3959 Warrick 812-897-6142
Knox 812-885-2518 Washington 812-883-1446
Kosciusko 574-372-2412 Wayne 765-973-9279
LaGrange 260-499-6356 Wells 260-824-6496
Lake 219-755-3535 White 574-583-4518
LaPorte 219-874-5611 Whitley 260-248-3117

To do an Indiana probation search, open the Indiana Judicial Branch website, navigate to the criminal records search section, and choose search cases. From there, searches can look up anyone by first and last name.

Probation is used in place of incarceration, which makes it very different from parole. Parole is granted to an inmate in a state prison, allowing that person to be released early on community supervision. To search a parolee database in Indiana, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Indiana Department of Corrections Parole Services website.
  2. Searchers will notice there is no link to see who is currently on parole; however, there is a link to see upcoming parole hearings showing who may be early released.
  3. Click the date under the year to see which inmates were reviewed at the hearing for that month. For example, to see who will be up for parole in April 2023, click the April 2023 Parole Review link under the year 2023 on the left-hand side of the screen.
Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) Parole Hearing website, featuring a header with the logo and name of the Indiana DOC, and a menu with links to other resources and services provided by the department, the website displays a list of upcoming parole board hearings from 2020-2023, including the date and what hearing.
Source: IN.gov18

Probation and parole can appear on a criminal history report for the state of Indiana. The only way to keep an otherwise public record from being released is to have the matter expunged. How to seal or expunge a case in Indiana is outlined in more detail below.

Information on How To Seal or Expunge a Criminal Record in Indiana

Expunging a charge from a person’s record in Indiana removes it from the public criminal history, and is outlined in Indiana Code 38-39-9. The table below lists the five categories of expungement in Indiana, eligibility requirements, and how to expunge a case in that particular category:

Category Eligibility Requirements Steps to Expunge Under This Category
1 Charges are dismissed in juvenile court and one year has passed with no additional charges or convictions. Automatic expungement upon petition to the courts.
2 Misdemeanors convictions or Class D felonies or Level 6 felonies that were converted to misdemeanors. There is a five year waiting period for this category. Petition the courts where the conviction occurred at any time after the waiting period and pay the filing fee. Petitioner must show there are no other convictions or pending charges. Successful completion of the sentencing for the matter to be expunged must also be met. The court can rule on the matter without a hearing if the district attorney does not file an objection to the petition.
3 Class D or Level 6 felonies with no bodily injury offenses, 8 years have passed since the conviction date. Petition the courts where the conviction occurred at any time after the waiting period and pay the filing fee. Petitioner must show there are no other convictions or pending charges. Successful completion of the sentencing for the matter to be expunged must also be met. The court can rule on the matter without a hearing if the district attorney does not file an objection to the petition.
4 All other felonies with no bodily injury, 8 years have passed since conviction or 3 years since completion of sentencing. Petition the courts where the conviction occurred at any time after the waiting period and pay the filing fee. Petitioner must show there are no other convictions or pending charges. Successful completion of the sentencing for the matter to be expunged must also be met. The court can rule on the matter without a hearing if the district attorney does not file an objection to the petition. In these cases the victim must also be notified and has the right to submit a statement in writing or orally to agree to or object to the expungement.
5 Additional felonies that did not result in the death of the victim, 10 years have passed since the date of conviction or 5 years from the completion of the sentence. Petition the courts where the conviction occurred at any time after the waiting period and pay the filing fee. Petitioner must show there are no other convictions or pending charges. Successful completion of the sentencing for the matter to be expunged must also be met. The court can rule on the matter without a hearing if the district attorney does not file an objection to the petition. In these cases the victim must also be notified and has the right to submit a statement in writing or orally to agree to or object to the expungement.

Offenders cannot seek expungement of misdemeanors when the misdemeanor or felony was a sex offense or a violent crime. Felony matters that are excluded from expungement eligibility include sex offenses, violent offenses, felonies that resulted in the death of another, official misconduct, or human trafficking.7

Steps To Locate Someone in a Federal Prison or Indiana State Prison

Another part of a person’s criminal history that is important is whether the person has served time in prison or not. People search inmate records to find out who is in prison in their state, or to locate a friend, relative, or acquaintance who was sentenced to active incarceration and may have been transferred from one facility to another.

Indiana is home to one federal prison and eighteen state correctional facilities with approximately 27,000 inmates in the state institutions and 1,333 in the federal facility.8

To search for a federal inmate at the US Prison Terre Haute location, do the following:

  1. Open the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website.
  2. Key in the subject’s first and last name and click the search button to reveal the search results.
  3. Scroll through the search returns to find out if the person is located at United States Prison Terre Haute.
Find an Inmate' web page featuring a menu with options for Home, About Us, Inmates, Locations, Careers, Business, Resources, and Contact Us, beneath the menu, there is a search bar to find an inmate with options to search by number or name, if searching by name, the user is required to input the inmate's first name, middle name, last name, race, and sex.
Source: Federal Bureau of Prisons19

Locating state prison inmates can be done by completing these steps:

  1. On the computer, open the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) inmate search page.
  2. Enter the person’s first and last name and click the search button.
  3. Click the DOC number in the list that populates to see details about the person’s incarceration.

Information in the IDOC online inmate record includes the offender’s name, date of birth, gender, race, facility where the person is incarcerated, earliest possible release date or date released from IDOC custody, and sentencing information including the offense the person was convicted of.9

Indiana Department of Correction (DOC) Incarcerated Search website, featuring a search bar with options to search for individuals by name or DOC number.
Source: IN.gov20

Prison is usually the last stop for an individual in the criminal justice process which begins with an arrest or filing of charges, and many individuals wonder how to look up warrants in their state.

Run a Warrant Search To Find Out if You or Someone Else Has an Active Arrest Warrant

There are two primary ways to check if someone has a warrant out for their arrest. Many local police departments or county sheriff’s offices will publish a wanted list or a warrant list on the official website to encourage the individual to turn themselves in or to get the public’s help in locating particularly dangerous suspects. Searching warrants helps answer the question: how do I know if I have been charged with a crime?

For example, if someone wants to find out if there is a warrant for their arrest in Lake County, Indiana, they would do the following:

  1. Open Bing, Google or a search engine of the person’s choosing.
  2. Type Lake County Indiana + warrant list.
  3. Find the Lake County Sheriff’s Office official website in the search results.10
  4. Click the search active warrants link.
  5. Read the disclaimer and click on the accept link.
  6. Enter the person’s name and click the begin search button or select the zip code from the drop-down menu to see all the wanted people in that zip code and click the search button.
  7. Select the arrow in the row with the subject’s name to see details about the warrant.
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website, featuring a header with the logo and name of the agency, and a menu with links to various professional licensing boards and services offered by the state of Indiana.
Source: IN.gov21

The Indiana Judicial Branch also maintains an online directory for the courts that can be accessed using the steps listed in the section above. By doing a court record check, individuals can see if there is a bench warrant issued for a defendant. By clicking the defendant’s name, searchers can scroll to the chronological case summary to see if a warrant has been issued in the matter against the subject.6

An Brief Run-Down of Indiana Background Checks: Where To Get One and Who Requires Them

The reasons for obtaining a background check and the agencies that require them vary in Indiana. The table below outlines where records can be obtained or which agencies require a background check:

Agency That Performs or Requires Background Checks Screening Reasons
Indiana State Police
  • Employment screenings
  • Personal background checks
  • Nonprofit volunteer screenings
Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
  • Accountants
  • Acupuncturist
  • Anesthesiology assistants
  • Architects
  • Athletic trainer
  • Auctioneers
  • Behavioral analysts
  • Behavioral health services
  • Behavioral human services
  • Chiropractors
  • Cosmetologists
  • Barbers
  • Dentists
  • Diabetes education specialists
  • Dietitians
  • Engineers
  • Funeral directors
  • Genetic counselors
  • Healthcare facility administration
  • Hearing aid retailers
  • Home inspection professionals
  • Interior decorators
  • Manufactured home installation techs
  • Massage therapists
  • Medical professionals
  • Midwives
  • Nurses
  • Occupational therapists
  • Optometrists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical therapists
  • Physician assistants
  • Plumbers
  • Podiatrists
  • Private detectives
  • Security guards
  • Psychologists
  • Real estate agents
  • Real estate appraisers
  • Respiratory care therapist
  • Speech/language pathologists
  • Audiologist
  • Surveyors
  • Veterinarians
Indiana Department of Education
  • School administration
  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • Teacher assistants
  • Teacher aides
  • Volunteers
  • Support staff (bus drivers, housekeeping, maintenance, office staff)

These agencies look for items on a person’s background report that act as a disqualifier. Disqualifiers are offenses that would automatically prevent someone from getting a certain position or license due to the nature of the offense. One category of disqualifying offenses are convictions for sex crimes.

A screenshot from the Indiana sex and violent offender registry website showing the offender search page with an empty search criterion.
Source: IN.gov22

Background checks include information obtained from the state’s sex offender registry and are how to check if someone has a criminal record.

How To Search for Sexual Predators Nearby Using the Indiana Sex Offender Registry

Indiana maintains a state sex offender registry that can be searched by anyone to find out if someone is a registered sex offender or to find out how many registered offenders are located in their area. To search the Indiana sex offender registry, do the following:

  1. Open the Indiana Sex & Violent Offender Registry website which is maintained by the Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC).
  2. Read the disclaimer and click the link to go to the registry search page.
  3. Click on the county on the map that appears, or scroll down the page to click on the county name to search for offenders in that area.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to get to the search form for that county.
  5. Enter the subject’s name to conduct a name-based search of the registry.
  6. Review the search results to match the record to the subject. The registry includes a mugshot of the offender to help narrow the search.

In addition to sex offenders, the Indiana registry is also the felony registry for violent offenders in the state. Clicking on the offender’s name provides more details about the individual such as physical description, whether the offender is in compliance with the registry, location of offender, and a description of the offense.

An Overview of Indiana Laws Regarding Criminal Records & Arrest Records

Any Indiana criminal records are subject to state and federal laws regarding what can be disclosed for both commercial and personal background checks as outlined below.

Indiana Code 24-4-18-7 prohibits a commercial, people finder type background check provider from distributing information on a person’s criminal history if the record doesn’t display material changes in the record that happens 60 days or more before the report is delivered. This allows for a more accurate report, especially when the subject has worked to expunge or seal a record.

Regarding expunged records, Indiana Code 24-4-18-6 expressly prohibits the disclosure of any expunged or sealed record on a background check for employment, licensure, housing or for personal use by a background check agency or public records repository.

Indiana Legislative Law IC 24-4-18-6 regarding providing criminal history information, prohibited information, and exceptions, the text outlines the types of criminal history information that a provider may not disclose to anyone other than the subject or authorized representative, and lists the exceptions where the provider is allowed to share such information with law enforcement agencies, criminal justice agencies, or governmental licensing entities.
Source: The Indiana Code 2021 – Indiana General Assembly, 2023 Session23

There is no ban the box law for private sector employers in Indiana per Code 22-2-17-3, but public sector (government) employees are subject to the governor’s Executive Order 17-15 which prohibits asking about criminal history on an application, moving the inquiries to later in the hiring process where otherwise qualified candidates have a better chance.

Background checks are also subject to federal statutes including the Fair Credit Reporting Act which prohibits disclosing non-convictions that are more than seven years old in addition to limiting credit history reports to seven years (10 for bankruptcies). Employers are also prohibited from using criminal history in a discriminatory manner, and guidance on how to remain in compliance is provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

These same laws apply to arrest records which must be requested and used in compliance with the statutes above.

Searching records on an individual in Indiana doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By using this free guide, searchers can locate arrest records in Indiana in just a few steps online. Readers will also possess the skills and tools necessary to find Indiana criminal records using various state and local resources.


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